Building more reliable Bluetooth LE products with Memfault

December 02, 2022

Building devices that utilize Bluetooth® Low Energy introduces complex performance and debugging challenges. Memfault helps Nordic customers resolve any issues quickly making development, maintenance and improvement of devices easy. 

In this webinar, you’ll see how nRF52 and nRF53 Series developers now have free out-of-the-box access to Memfault’s IoT reliability platform to accelerate go-to-market, derisk product launches, and ship more robust, always-improving products. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate data-driven metrics on the fly to triage device and fleet health
  • Resolve issues before customers notice them with automated alerts and collection of metric, log, event, and error data
  • Gain full control over bug fixes and feature updates with OTA & DeviceOps capabilities
  • Get started with Memfault and Nordic in less than 5 minutes.
The slides can be found here: LINK