Cellular IoT development on Nordic Thingy:91

February 25, 2020

This webinar takes you through the steps to get started with cellular IoT development on Nordic Thingy:91, from unboxing your kit to writing your own code.


  • What is Nordic Thingy:91? 
  • Unboxing 
  • Installing nRF Connect SDK
  • How to compile and flash
  • How to modify an example
  • Q&A

The webinar was live February 24th at 2 PM CET.

The presentation used in the webinar can be downloaded here.

B J February 25, 2020 03:25 PM Delete

There is no Toolchain Manager app in my v3.3.0 nRF Connect app.

A D February 25, 2020 02:19 PM Delete

Is it possible to perform OTA via custom cloud connection? (obviously it has to be implemented, but are there any locks preventing it?)
Thank you!

A D February 25, 2020 02:10 PM Delete

Hi! You mentioned that the new version (hardware) of Thingy 91 is coming, with better GPS.
When will it be available?

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