Cloud connectivity and protocols for IoT

What are the important factors to be considered for sending data to the cloud? And what protocols do you need for the IoT connectivity to actually work? Register and our experts will teach you about the key selection factors and protocols to be considered for your cellular IoT product development. Before the Q&A session at the end, we will show you different ways of doing a proof-of-concept with cloud connectivity.

- Application data
- Data protocols
- Transport protocols
- How to measure data usage
- Wireless radio protocols
- Power consumption

This video is a recording of one of two webinar sessions both held on the 21st of October 2020, the Q&A segment is a concatenation of the recordings from both sessions. 

The slides from the presentation may be downloaded here.

F October 28, 2020 11:29 AM Delete

Some comments on NB-IoT:
1) ROAMING is definitely supported and is part of the 3GPP standards. Some NB-IoT roaming agreements have already been announced. Obstacles are not technical but commercial
2) Typo in your data rates figures (should read 60kbps in UL and 30 in DL) ? Note that this is applicable to Cat-NB1. Cat-NB2 allows higher values.

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