Demystifying Wi-Fi antenna integration

November 30, 2023
Wi-Fi continues to grow and expand its footprint across many IoT verticals, often combined with other wireless standards, providing additional means of location tracking, data transfer, and interoperability. In this webinar, Nordic and Ignion get together to show how to expand device connectivity with Wi-Fi. We show device makers can leverage new tools and building blocks to ensure robust Wi-Fi RF performance in co-existence with Bluetooth LE, Thread, Cellular, and GNSS. In this webinar you learn how to build a fast digital prototype of your Wi-Fi antenna solution, followed by how to use Nordic's Wi-Fi Kits as reference designs for your own device.

By using the nRF7002 Wi-Fi companion IC in combination with Ignion Virtual Antenna components, device makers get a fast track to achieving market-leading low-power performance and antenna efficiency, resulting in new Wi-Fi devices with long range and battery lifetime.

00:00 Intro
01:17 Wi-Fi companion IC overview
02:01 Development Hardware
04:42 Wi-Fi + Multiprotocol SoCs
05:42 Wi-Fi and Cellular IoT
07:22 Antenna FAQ
08:38 Ignion Introdiction
09:07 Nordic and Ignion Partnership
11:23 The ignion solution
14:50 The Virtual Antenna(R) system
17:44 Step:1 Antenna Intelligence Cloud(TM)
19:06 Step:2 Gerber check
21:10 Step:3 Physical prototype
22:38 Step 4: Physical prototype
24:08 Summary
26:39 Nordic development Hardware with ignion Antenna technology

This is a recording of this live webinar held on the 29th of November, 2023, with the Q&A. The presentation can be downloaded from: https://view-su3.highspot.com/viewer/65687990494217c01d45eafe

Antenna design tool: https://ignion.io/antenna-intelligence/