Exciting new features in nRF Connect SDK v2.4.0

June 12, 2023
In this webinar, we will talk about the exciting new features of this release, as well as showcase demos on nPM1300 PMIC, Sidewalk, and Nordic development tools.

nRF Connect SDK  is Nordic's software development kit for Bluetooth┬« Low Energy, ANT, Bluetooth┬« mesh, Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi, Matter and cellular IoT applications. nRF Connect SDK is a unified and scalable solution that supports our nRF52, nRF53, nRF70 and nRF91 Series devices. 

  • Intro to the nRF Connect SDK
  • Development tools updates
  • PMIC updates
  • Security updates
  • Bluetooth updates
  • Wi-Fi updates
  • Matter and Thread updates
  • Amazon Sidewalk updates
  • Q&A
Some highlights include:
  • Support for Matter 1.1 specification and Matter over Wi-Fi
  • Support for Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR)
  • Experimental support for Encrypted Advertising Data (EAD)
  • Experimental support for nPM1300 PMIC and nPM1300 EK
  • Experimental support for Bluetooth mesh 1.1 features: Device Firmware Update (DFU), Remote provisioning, and private beacons
Demo showcase:
  • Cellular monitor
  • nPM1300 fuel gauge
  • Sidewalk sensor monitoring
More highlights can be found in the release notes.

This is a recording of a live webinar held on June 9, 2023. The presentation can be downloaded here (direct download)