Exciting new features in nRF Connect SDK v1.4

nRF Connect SDK is Nordic's software development kit for developing both short-range wireless and cellular IoT applications. The nRF52 Series SoC and nRF9160 SiP are supported for production and the nRF5340 SoC has support for evaluation and prototyping.

During this webinar Bjørn, Krzysztof and Joakim provide a short introduction to the nRF Connect SDK, followed by the exciting new short-range and long-range features in the latest release of the nRF Connect SDK version 1.4.

Some short-range highlights include:

- Bluetooth spec 5.2 qualified controller subsystem
- Bluetooth samples for Alexa Gadgets
- Bluetooth mesh time, light CTL and scene models support
- Production support for nRF52833 and nRF52840 for Thread, including multiprotocol operation with Bluetooth LE
- Development support for multiprotocol operation of Zigbee and Bluetooth LE
- Support for Network Co-Processor architecture in Thread and Zigbee

Some cellular IoT highlights include:

- Device management improvements in carrier LwM2M library v0.10.0 and application LwM2M client
- Microsoft Azure IoT hub library and sample support, including Firmware over the air library and example
- Improved low power features, e.g. power optimized UDP sample
- Serial LTE modem improvements
- New modem FW v1.2.2 with GPS improvements

This is a recording from one of the webinar sessions that was live on November 11th, 2020. The Q&A portion at the end includes the Q&A from both sessions.

Slides for the presentation can be downloaded directly from this link: