Getting Started with AVSystem Coiote and nRF Cloud Location Services using LwM2M

July 28, 2022
AVSystem provides a world-class device management platform for cellular IoT products, handling the whole process from onboarding through to decomissioning. In this webinar, Nordic Semiconductor and AVSystem will show how you can setup an nRF9160 DK to connect to the AVSystem Coiote IoT Device Management platform via LwM2M. We will also connect cloud to cloud to Nordic's nRF Cloud Location Services, a set of services for accurate and power efficient locationing.


  • LwM2M for device-to-cloud connectivity
  • Introduction to AVSystem
  • Nordic and AVSystem benefits
  • Getting Started: Connecting nRF9160 DK to AVSystem Coiote
  • Q&A

This is a recording of a webinar held on the 27th of July, 2022. The Q&A is a concatenation of both the morning and evening sessions. The presentation can be downloaded here (direct download).