How to go to market with Matter

March 02, 2023
If you've built a working prototype of a Matter device and are now wondering what steps to take to turn it into a final certified product, this is the webinar for you. We will take you through the essential steps to get your product to market. The webinar's speakers are: Łukasz Duda, Senior Firmware Engineer and team lead of Nordic's Matter development team. Krzysztof Loska, Technical Product Manager for Matter, as well as Thread Group and CSA board member

0:00 Introduction and agenda
03:20 Testing your Matter Product (with leading ecosystems)
05:38 Device Firmware Update
17:41 Matter Device Attestation
25:11 Distributed Compliance Ledger
28:05 Factory provisioning
37:30 Product Certification
1:03:03 Product packaging and branding
1:05:50 Q&A

The presentation can be found here: How to go to market with Matter