Industrial-grade wireless mesh for HVAC and building automation

January 22, 2021

From lightsabers in Hollywood to temperature sensors in Finland - LumenRadio's technology is being used wherever there's a need for ultra-reliable connectivity for mission-critical applications, built on Nordic’s Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs. In a world where increased interference is a reality, their Cognitive Coexistence technology future-proofs your product and provides a good night's sleep. Wireless without worries!

-Introduction to LumenRadio
- Cognitive Coexistence - mitigating interference in a unique way
- Concurrent Bluetooth - industrial-grade mesh, while not sacrificing UI/UX opportunities
- Why wireless technologies in commercial buildings? 
- W-Modbus - product example of "wireless cable"
- Produal - Customer case within HVAC and building automation
- Q&A

This video is a recording of one of the two live webinar sessions held on the 20th of January 2021. The Q&A portion is a concatenation of the Q&A from both sessions.

Slides from the presentations can be downloaded here (direct download link)