Integrating Bluetooth Direction Finding with u-blox

December 13, 2022

Indoor positioning is definitely on the rise, and many want to jump onto the train toward successful Bluetooth Direction Finding systems. But how to build an efficient solution that is easy to deploy and manage?

In this on-demand webinar, we had with us u-blox who walked us through their Angle of Arrival (AoA) solution, which is built on top of our nRF52833 SoC and the nRF Connect SDK. They covered all important aspects of the solution – including the antenna board, the application board, the tags, the positioning engine, the u-blox algorithm evaluation leading to implementation, and the Traxmate IoT tracking platform. u-blox presented a wide range of possible use cases and illustrated a few of them with dedicated demonstrations (e.g. “Follow-me”, “Indoor positioning”), and presented all the tools needed to get started.

To get the most out of this webinar, we recommend first watching our Introduction to Bluetooth Direction Finding on-demand webinar.


  • Introduction to u-blox
  • Bluetooth Direction Finding
  • u-blox solution
  • Possible use cases
  • Indoor positioning demonstrations
  • How to get started: evaluate and integrate your solution
  • Q&A with our experts
This is a recording of a live webinar held on December 12th, 2022.  The presentation can be downloaded here (direct download).