Introduction to Bluetooth mesh

November 26, 2021
Bluetooth mesh is a mesh technology based on the Bluetooth Low Energy that allows for many-to-many communication over Bluetooth radio. It operates on a flood network principle, where nodes relay messages to other nodes. In nRF Connect SDK v1.7.1, customers are able to qualify the Bluetooth mesh profile with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. QDIDs for supported SoCs (e.g. nRF52840 SoC Bluetooth QDIDs) can be found at the link.

In this webinar, our Technical Product Manager Eirik Midttun goes through the basics of Bluetooth mesh, the architecture, topology, roles and security, in addition to Bluetooth mesh models and software support in our nRF Connect SDK.

  • What is Bluetooth mesh?
  • Security
  • How many nodes can you have in a Bluetooth mesh network?
  • Bluetooth mesh models
  • nRF Connect SDK Bluetooth mesh support
  • Supported Nordic SoCs
Interested in developing Bluetooth mesh products? Have a look at this on-demand webinar.

This is a recording of a live webinar held on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021. The Q&A is a concatenation of both the morning and evening sessions. The presentation can be downloaded here (direct download).