Introduction to low-power Wi-Fi

February 16, 2023 Wi-Fi
Introduction to low-power Wi-Fi
Date: February 15

Nordic is the market leader in Bluetooth Low Energy and a frontrunner when it comes to developing low-power wireless solutions. Wi-Fi is the next big step in our product portfolio. Join us in this webinar to learn more about low-power Wi-Fi, important Wi-Fi 6 features, our nRF70 Series of Wi-Fi devices, and synergies with our existing products.

0:00 Introduction
02:05 The embedded Wi-Fi market
07:10 Wi-Fi 6 overview
09:10 Target wake time
14:12 OFDMA
17:56 Nordic's Wi-Fi products
27:45 Synergy between Products and Protocols
42:19 Technical details about the nRF70 Series
52:25 Q&A

The presentation can be found here: Low-Power Wi-Fi Webinar