Navigating the design complexities of low power LTE-M and NB-IoT networks

June 17, 2021
Arkessa is one of Nordic Semiconductor's global connectivity partners for low power cellular IoT. Join this webinar to learn how Arkessa can help you navigate through the process of designing and deploying LTE-M and/or NB-IoT devices.

This webinar covers the entire application development process from a connectivity perspective. All the way from concept to deployment.


- Cellular IoT Intro
- Showcase the highly integrated solution provided by Nordic Semiconductor and Arkessa
- Roaming and Coverage Update
- Low Power Cellular IoT with Nordic and Arkessa
- How to get started with cellular development with Nordic and Arkessa

The Arkessa Team have years of experience working with embedded customers all over the world. Thus, they are ideally suited to guide customers through the complexities of getting low power cellular IoT devices to market.

Tune in for this practical problem-solving session. We will also discuss real-world low-power case studies!

More info here: www.nordicsemi.com/arkessa

This is a recording of a live webinar that was held on 16th June, 2021. The Q&A is a concatenation of both the morning and evening sessions. The slides used in the presentation can be downloaded here(direct download).