Understanding DECT NR+: The first non-cellular 5G standard

May 03, 2023
DECT NR+ is a versatile radio technology standard developed by ETSI, setting an example for future connectivity. It has also been included as part of ITU’s 5G standards, making it the first non-cellular 5G standard, commonly dubbed “non-cellular 5G”. NR+ employs a self-healing, decentralized, and autonomous mesh network, and makes use of the global and license-exempt legacy DECT 1.9 GHz band. The technology allows for low latency communications and massive deployments, making it suitable for both real-time control and massive Internet of Things sensor nets.

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at this new technology, highlighting the main features and operation and its benefits compared with similar existing technology. We will look into a couple of the most applicable use cases for NR+, before concluding with the status of the standardization.

This is a recording of a webinar held on April 26, 2023. The presentation can be downloaded here (direct download).