Using cellular IoT for predictive maintenance

February 08, 2023 09:00 CET

Using cellular IoT for predictive maintenance

Date: February 8

Time: 9 AM CET / 4 PM CST Asia

Duration: 45 min plus 15 min live Q&A  

Join us to learn how you can leverage cellular IoT technology and embedded machine learning to develop predictive maintenance applications.

In this webinar, you will learn how to reduce costs and downtime by predicting failures and scheduling maintenance before a breakdown occurs. We will also investigate the different Low Power Wide Area Network technologies currently available, the current landscape of cellular IoT, coverage, rollout, and the future of this technology. There is also essential to distinguish between low-power cellular IoT and Cat 1 Bis, and what these technologies are designed to solve. 


  • Current LPWAN landscape
  • Evolution of cellular IoT and 5G
  • How cellular IoT enables predictive maintenance deployments
  • How to benefit from using machine learning 

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