Adding custom board support in nRF Connect SDK


During your product development journey, you will encounter a stage where you will need to move your firmware from a development kit to your custom hardware design (custom board). In this developer-oriented webinar, we will dive into the fundamental principles and best practices for seamlessly adding support for a custom board in the nRF Connect SDK.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:27 What is a “board” in the context of nRF Connect SDK/Zephyr?
00:03:33 Hardware support hierarchy in nRF Connect SDK/Zephyr
00:05:30 Hardware support hierarchy – Example
00:09:08 Drivers
00:11:40 Naming convention
00:14:22 Where to define your custom board
00:16:38 Point the build system to an out-of-tree board
00:18:30 Board files
00:34:14 Available boards definitions
00:36:10 Special considerations for the nRF91/nRF53 Series
00:41:45 Demo
01:14:50 Extra resources
01:15:45 Recorded Q&A

This is a recording of a webinar held on October 25, 2023. The presentation can be downloaded here