Exciting new features in nRF Connect SDK v1.9

February 25, 2022
nRF Connect SDK is Nordic's software development kit for developing both Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee, Matter and cellular IoT applications. nRF Connect SDK is a scalable solution that supports our nRF21, nRF52, nRF53 and nRF91 Series.

In this webinar recording, Nordic gave a short introduction to the nRF Connect SDK, followed by exciting new features in this release.

  •  Added experimental support for Nordic Distance Toolbox with examples. The software package adds phase-based distance measurement support for the nRF52 and nRF53 Series of devices.
  • Added experimental support for Amazon Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) for Matter devices.
  • Added deep power-down mode to QSPI driver to optimize energy usage for solutions using an external flash memory.
  • Added support for micro:bit v2 board.
  • Added support for filtered ephemeris that improves A-GPS download size.
  • Updated the support for Periodic Advertising with the SoftDevice Controller. It is no longer experimental.
  • Updated the Zigbee solution on nRF5340 SoC. It is no longer experimental and is now Zigbee Platform Certification compliant.
  • Replaced proprietary sockets with nrf_modem APIs that include link-time optimization, thereby reducing memory usage. 

This is a recording of a webinar that was live on February 24th, 2022. The Q&A is a concatenation of both the morning and evening sessions. The presentation can be downloaded here (direct download).