Say hello to Thingy:53 - The prototyping platform for embedded ML

July 08, 2022
The Nordic Thingy:53 is Nordic’s fully integrated solution for rapid ML prototyping, with wireless connectivity, a host of built-in sensors and physical interfaces, and two new apps. Watch this webinar, and let Robin walk you through the hardware features of the Thingy:53 and show you a live demo of the new nRF Edge Impulse app. The app allows seamless integration with Edge Impulse Studio for developing and testing embedded ML models directly on the Thingy:53.

- Thingy:53 overview  
- Sensor hardware
-  nRF Edge Impulse demo
- Bonus: nRF Programmer demo
- Q&A with questions from the audience

This is a recording of one of the two webinars held on July 6th 2022, with the Q&A section from both sessions appended at the end. The slide deck from the presentation can be downloaded here (direct download link).