Developing Thread products with nRF Connect SDK

November 05, 2020
The nRF Connect SDK offers developers an extensible framework for building very small applications in highly constrained circumstances, and at the same time gives the ability to develop powerful, richly featured software for advanced applications. This webinar will guide you through the most important settings in your project configuration, in addition to what libraries and drivers should be added to get a project up and running. 

 - Introduction to software solution
 - Supported architectures
 - Development tools
 - Setting up the toolchain
 - Building your first Thread application
 - Building applications from command line
 - Configuring OpenThread and project options

This is a recording of one the webinar sessions that was live on November 4th 2020, the Q&A portion is a concatenation of the Q&A from both sessions.

Slides from the presentations downloads directly from this link: