Introduction to Amazon Sidewalk

November 24, 2023
Amazon Sidewalk is an “Internet for things” network that provides secure, cloud-native connectivity to AWS IoT Core for devices with Bluetooth LE and other low-power radios. In this webinar, we are going through the main challenges Amazon Sidewalk aims to solve, its major features, and the assets Amazon and Nordic have made available to developers to build products using the Sidewalk network and AWS services.

00:00 Introduction
01:16 Brief overview Sidewalk over Bluetooth LE and Sub-GHz
02:27 Nordic hardware
04:11 Semtech hardware for Sub-GHz
06:12 Development software and samples
09:21 Start of the Amazon session
12:07 The "Vertical Platform" Problem and IoT Challenges
17:14 What is Amazon Sidewalk
24:38 Why Sidewalk and use cases
28:01 How to get started- BLE to Cloud (AWS)
31:41 IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk
34:00 Cloud integration points
35:25 Sensor Monitoring Sample
40:46 Development Tools
42:01 Call to Action and useful links
43:33 Q&A

This is a recording of this live webinar held on the 22nd of November, 2023, with the Q&A. The presentation can be downloaded from: https://view-su3.highspot.com/viewer/6560a6798fe46d472c7df866