Nordic's Bluetooth Low Energy solution: The go-to choice for developers

February 02, 2024
In this webinar, we’re presenting the complete solution for Bluetooth Low Energy from Nordic. It includes Bluetooth LE SoCs with the newest nRF54 Series, Bluetooth LE stack, nRF Connect SDK, development tools, and mobile apps. We'll walk you through all the essential pieces of our offering and explain critical aspects to consider when evaluating Bluetooth Low Energy solutions.

The presentation is a recording from one of two sessions of live webinars held on January 31, 2024, with combined Q&A from both sessions. The presentation can be downloaded here.


00:00 - Introduction and how Nordic became the go-to choice for developers
05:31 - Multiprotocol SoCs: nRF52 and nRF53 Series, power consumption  considerations
14:29 - Multiprotocol SoCs: nRF54H and nRF54L Series
22:42 - Development hardware
23:34 - Complementary ICs: Nordic’s Power Management ICs and Range Extender
24:45 - nRF Connect SDK, Zephyr RTOS, Bluetooth LE stack, libraries, and samples
40:09 - IDE: VS Code and nRF Connect for VS Code extension
42:08 - Developer Academy - a place to start with Nordic’s Bluetooth LE
44:09 - Development tools: nRF Connect for Desktop
45:48 - nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE
46:20 - Mobile applications: libraries, sample apps, and tools
50:13 - Q&A session