Unleashing Wi-Fi locationing - Nordic chip-to-cloud solution

August 04, 2023
Thanks for joining us on this webinar featuring Ville-Veikko Helppi, Product Director for Cloud Solutions, and Ulf Axelsson, Technical Product Manager for Wi-Fi, as they talk about the fascinating world of location services. Gain a comprehensive understanding of location services, explore the different types, and learn how to effectively combine them for optimal outcomes. Delve into the details of SSID-based Wi-Fi locationing, our latest advancement, and discover upcoming development kits and ICs that seamlessly integrate cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.

0:00 Introduction and practicalities
02:34 Introduction to Locationing
14:15 nRF Cloud Location Services
21:06 The Nordic Solution – Benefits
23:50 Locationing Hardware
37:33 Q&A

The presentation is a recording from one of two sessions of live webinars held on August 2nd, 2023, with the Q&A portion from both sessions appended. The presentation can be downloaded from https://view-su3.highspot.com/viewer/64cceda834cc40f0ed82c8c9